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Unprecedented Machine Learning Technology that Simplifies & Accelerates AI Development

Boon Logic invented a breakthrough technology in unsupervised machine learning that accelerated AI development and deployment. The next-gen Boon Nano algorithm performs model training and clustering 1,000X faster than traditional modeling methods that are complex and involve lengthy model training that can take several weeks to several months. What’s more, Boon Nano reduces the need for highly-skilled, hard-to-find AI talent and allows organizations to leverage the value of AI with their existing subject matter experts. It’s AI, simplified.

Boon Nano is flexible as well, autonomously tuning, training, and running in real-time at the edge or in the cloud.

AI-Based Solutions that Transform Visual Inspection & Condition Monitoring
In addition to powering our Amber solution for predictive maintenance/condition monitoring and AVIS, our visual inspection solution for quality assurance, Boon Nano enables industry leaders and visionaries to leverage solutions and applications that increase operational efficiency, improve product quality, and enhance safety.

Learn how AMBER and AVIS are driving real cost savings.

Boon Logic Leadership

Grant Goris, CEO

Co-founder and young entrepreneur with a zeal for solving unique marketplace challenges. Rooted in data analytics, his career began in the retail sector with the likes of Target, Best Buy, and Walmart, to launch or manage some of the most iconic brands such as Swiss Gear, Burt’s Bees, and Clorox. Grant is a strategic thinker with a deep understanding of artificial intelligence and the market opportunities that are ripe for unsupervised machine learning.

Dr. Brian Turnquist, CTO
Dr. Turnquist has applied his Ph.D. in Mathematics to amassing 25 years of experience in machine learning and neuroscience and leveraging early artificial intelligence (AI) in the study of biological signal processing. The tenured Bethel University professor has 15 articles that have been published in refereed journals and is considered a thought leader in machine learning. In addition, he has a background in research at Johns Hopkins, Yale, University of Minnesota, and the German universities of Heidelberg and Nurnberg.
Jai Menon, Advisor and Chief Scientist, Fungible Inc.
Jai has spent most of the past 15 years working as CTO within multi-billion-dollar storage, server and networking businesses at IBM and Dell. Jai is an IBM Fellow, an IEEE fellow, holds 53 patents, has published 78 papers, and serves on the Forbes Technology Council. Jai attended the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology in Madras and has his Ph.D. from Ohio State in Computer Science.
Gary Moore, Advisor and Chairman and CEO, Service Source Inc.
Seasoned executive with over 40 years of experience in the technology sector. Mr. Moore has held executive positions for some of the largest technology companies in the world including President and CEO of Hitachi Data Systems, SVP of EDS, President and CEO of Netigy, and most recently the President and COO of Cisco Systems.
Rick Erickson, Advisor and Chief Cloud Strategist, Pythian
Co-founder of Agosto Software, a globally recognized and top-ranking Google partner of over 20 years. Agosto provided services for household names like Goodyear, Groupon, and Starbucks as it relates to Google Cloud Services. Agosto was acquired by Mill Point Capital in 2020. Rick has more than 25 years of experience leading high-performance teams at both the executive and departmental level.
Larry Werth, Technology Founder, Board Member
The original creator of Boon Nano’s predecessor with over 30 years of experience in machine learning.

Larry began his career as an algorithm design engineer for Medtronic, creating software solutions for the

laser-guided welding of implantable devices. He started a forms processing company and began writing

software for pattern recognition in written text, eventually branching out into computer vision and visual inspection.

Barbara D Stinnett, Board Member

Barb Stinnett, Boon Logic Board MemberBarbara’s career focuses on ‘all things data’. She is a recognized Silicon Valley executive bringing C Suite global leadership to Fortune 50 tech companies, private equity SaaS mid-caps, and startups across multiple industries. Her invaluable relationships include customers, partners, distributors and service providers. Barb has created, led and managed multibillion dollar high-tech businesses for HP, Sybase/SAP, Oracle and Cisco, and has held CEO and Chairman positions for multiple private equity portfolio software companies, creating, managing, and transforming them through profitable, successful exits. She is a Fellow for the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) for Women Corporate Directors, and CEO and Managing Partner at Timmaron Group, an applied technologies solutions and services global business.