Amber Integrations

We strive to simplify the integration of our Amber platform into the most commonly used API’s, IoT Platforms, data formats and chipsets. Here are a few key integrations helping you accelerate anomaly detection and predictive maintenance of your highest-valued assets: 

Programing Interfaces

IOT partner integrations

Data Formats/ messaging protocols 

  • MQTT



  • SQL

Supported On Prem Hardware

  • All Intel SGX based CPU

Need something else?

We are also committed to helping our customers and partners integrate the Amber platform into 3rd party products, services and platforms. Please reach out to our integration team, by completing the form below, with any specific requirements or needs. Or if you have a specific integration request, please also let us know by completing the below form. 

If you’re looking for a way to guard against unexpected downtime, costly repairs and productivity loss, let’s start a conversation about a proof-of-concept program.