Boon Nano




Boon Logic’s next-gen clustering algorithm accelerates unsupervised machine learning and simplifies AI application development. By reducing data model training from months to days and significantly reducing financial investment, Boon Nano essentially enables faster, more affordable AI solution development for generating valuable insights that increase productivity, quality and safety. Its ability to unlock data patterns and anomaly detection make it perfect for virtually an unlimited number of innovative applications that fuel growth and profitability in a variety of vertical markets.

This breakthrough technology powers the company’s anomaly detection-based AI solutions for:

equipment condition monitoring and anomaly detection (AMBER) that drive predictive maintenance

automated visual inspection (AVIS) that detects product anomalies to ensure product quality and integrity of the manufacturing process

What’s more, Boon Nano’s flexibility in tuning, training, and running in real-time at the device, on premise, or in the cloud makes it a practical choice as the engine for AI solution development.