company overview

Boon Logic is the lEader in Unsupervised Machine Learning

Boon Logic has invented a breakthrough technology in unsupervised machine learning (ML) called the Boon Nano. The Boon Nano was formed around a new discovery in the way patterns and anomalies are processed. Our vision is to become the go-to provider of the next generation of AI by leveraging our unsupervised ML as a hub for the application spokes of the future across all vertical markets. Our mission is to enable Industry leaders to create solutions and applications that are faster, more efficient, and more intelligent to drive an increase in productivity, quality, safety, and valuable insights for customer growth. Boon Logic provides the core to the public via the cloud, on-prem in a secured FPGA, or at the far-edge in an ARM Cortex M7 or other secured low-cost hardware architectures.