Visual Inspection & Quality Assurance

Predictive Maintenance Condition Monitoring

Visual Inspection & Quality Assurance

Predictive Maintenance Condition Monitoring

If you’re looking for an AI solution that protects your high-value assets and greatly reduces unplanned downtime, our predictive maintenance condition monitoring tool can be used by subject matter experts to produce rich operational insights in a matter of days.

“During a POC for a petro chemical company on a pump, I predicted vibration anomalies 1 day in advance. No other tool I work with can do this.” – Systems Engineer with a major IoT platform

If you’re looking for an AI-based visual inspection solution that enhances product quality and reduces operational costs, our solution for visual inspection can be deployed and integrated in a matter of weeks.

“Boon Nano is straightforward to implement into existing pipelines. I’ve integrated the Boon technology into high-frequency manufacturing equipment and trained an adequate ML model to detect real-time product defects in just a few hours.” – Mechanical engineer without data science experience

A few weeks?

Don’t AI solutions take months or years to create?

Not anymore.

Until now, AI-based solutions have been built with traditional modeling methods that are complex and involve lengthy model training that can take months to years. In addition, these methods require expensive, highly specialized, and hard to find AI talent.

“During my time as a data scientist at MIT, I worked on state-of-the-art neural network models that required thousands of dollars of computing over days or weeks to train. We didn’t have anything like Boon Nano, which trains on internet-scale datasets in hours or even minutes on an ordinary laptop. I would now avoid approaching difficult anomaly detection problems with anything besides Boon Nano.”

“Prior to using Boon Nano, productivity levels were often determined by the speed of the technology I was using, which caused projects to require 2-6 months to complete. Since experiencing the speed of Boon technology, projects now take hours to days to complete.”


– Experienced data scientists

Revolutionizing AI Solution Development

Our proprietary next-generation clustering algorithm, Boon Nano, performs model training and clustering 1,000x faster than alternative algorithms. It’s the engine that powers our AI-based solutions for:

Accurate equipment monitoring and anomaly detection that drive predictive maintenance.

Visual inspection identifying product defects to ensure product quality and integrity of the manufacturing process.

This breakthrough technology identifies hidden patterns and anomalies, making it perfect for the vast variety and number of applications fueling innovation and growth across many vertical markets. Boon Nano is flexible as well, tuning, training, and running in real-time at the device, on premise, 
or in the cloud.

Making the Impossible Possible

By accelerating machine learning, we’re making AI-based solutions accessible without costly, laborious effort. What’s more, our clients and consulting partners can take advantage of solutions that leverage human intelligence for decision making instead of searching and sorting.

Sound too good to be true?

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