Leaders in Unsupervised Machine Learning

We are industry leaders in unsupervised machine learning focused on bringing to market the next generation of AI.

Our purpose is to elevate human intelligence by making AI solutions faster, more accurate, and secure

Who we are

Founded in 2018, Boon Logic is a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence, driven by a mission to enhance human intelligence through cutting-edge technology. Our breakthrough, patented nano-clustering technology has revolutionized unsupervised machine learning, simplifying and accelerating AI development and deployment, particularly in the domains of visual inspection and preventive maintenance.


The Boon Nano performs anomaly detection, model training, and clustering 1,000 times faster than traditional modeling methods, which are complex and involve lengthy model training that can take several weeks to several months. Boon Nano empowers existing domain specialists to harness the benefits of AI for their organizations, diminishing the demand for elusive AI experts. Its versatility shines through as it autonomously fine-tunes, trains, and operates in real time, whether at the edge or in the cloud. Moreover, Nano extends its efficiency-enhancing capabilities to other domains requiring data science expertise.

Our executive team

Grant Goris

Chief Executive Officer
  • Entrepreneur
  • 8 years in ML Industry
  • Finance/Sales

Brian Turnquist

Chief Technology Officer
  • 25 years in AI/ML
  • Ph.D. in Mathematics
  • Visiting researcher at Johns Hopkins, Yale, Heidelberg, Nuremberg

Rick Erickson

Chief Strategy Officer
  • Entrepreneur
  • 20 years experience in SaaS executive leadership

Board Members

Yves Sisteron

MP, Upfront Ventures

Larry Werth

Co-founder of Boon Logic

John O’Connor

CEO, J.H. Whitney

Ryan Parlee

CEO, Flying Hippo

Tom Goris

Co-found of Boon Logic VP, Partnerships

Alan Andreini

MD, Fortress Investments

Yves Sisteron

MP, Upfront Ventures

Larry Werth

Co-Founder, Boon Logic